Project A01 | Michael Potente

Metabolic surveillance of endothelial growth state

Project A02 | Sofia-Iris Bibli

Metabolic regulation of the endothelial cell damage responses

Project A03 | Ralf Brandes

Redox control of the vascular damage response

Project A04 | Nina Wettschureck

Damage-induced adaptation of G protein-coupled receptor signalling

Project A05| Mauro Siragusa

Microprotein-mediated resonses to vascular damage

Project A06 | Stefan Offermanns

Cardiovascular damage protection by APP/APLP2

Project A07 | Ivan Đikić,
Michael Potente

Vascular damage control by deubiquitinases

Project A08| Christian Münch

Mitochondrial unfolded protein response in the damage response of the stroma-vascular compartment

Project A09 | Katrin Schäfer

Vascular phenotype and fibrosis control by phosphatases