Dr. Guillermo Luxán

Institute for Cardiovascular Regeneration
Faculty of Medicine
Goethe University Frankfurt
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7| 60590 Frankfurt am Main

Damage-induced dynamics of the stromal compartment

The present application will characterize the response of pericytes to acute damage in the heart. The hypothesis behind this project is that cardiac pericytes orchestrate the vascular and cardiac remodelling that occurs after ischemic insult. In particular, we will study the involvement of pericyte-specific dysregulated signals, the downregulation of pericyte RGS5 and PDGFRβ in young hearts, and the upregulation of Tbx20 in aged hearts. The mechanisms downstream of these signalling pathways will be dissected with the objective of identifying potential therapeutic targets that will promote healing while minimizing scarring after cardiac damage.