Project B01 | Stefanie Dimmeler

Endothelial plasticity and damage control

Project B02 | Amparo Acker-Palmer,
Marta Segarra

Neurovascular signals controlling CNS barrier homeostasis in response to damage

Project B03 | Jiong Hu,
Ingrid Fleming

Endothelial-pericyte metabolic communication in damage control

Project B04 | Jasmin Hefendehl

Pericytes and perivascular fibroblasts in the control of cerebral damage

Project B05| Guillermo Luxán

Damage-induced dynamics of teh stromal compartment

Project B07 | Florian Leuschner

Cardiovascular damage protection by APP/APLP2

Project B08 | Thomas Braun,
Jochen Pöling

Control of innate immune cell trafficking and clearance by REG proteins in the diseased heart

Project B10| Sebastian Cremer

Damage control by somatic mutations of epigenetic regulators in leukocytes after myocardial infarction