With the Hector Research Career Development Award our PI Sofia-Iris Bibli was honored for her outstanding work as a Post-Doc. Bibli is a junior professor of cardiovascular monitoring in the Department of Medicine at Goethe University Frankfurt. Together with her team, she focuses on research into metabolic monitoring mechanisms that control vascular regeneration. In doing so, she uses multimicrobial approaches to investigate how nutrients can influence and control the fitness of endothelial cells.

Sofia-Iris Bibli

The Hector Research Career Development Award was presented by the Hector Fellow Academy for the third time on January 28, 2023. Besides Bibli the jury of experts selected neuroscientist Anna Stöckl, and physicist Philip Willke for the Award.

Through the award, outstanding scientists will not only be supported within the framework of their submitted research project, but gain the opportunity to connect to a valuable network as part of the scientific community in the Hector Fellow Academy. Moreover, they gain visibility for their research and support in recruiting young scientists.